What's Mobincube?

Mobincube is the most powerful and flexible to let anyone build mobile apps without coding. Apps built with Mobincube are compatible with Android, WindowsPhone and Apple devices.

Free education plan

Teachers and students will have full unlimited access to most of the premium services of Mobincube for free, so that they can build apps without ads, manage remote content with our Cloud, send push notifications, use Google Analytics, etc.

Perfect for students to learn

Apps can be built using our step-by-step wizards or using our advanced edition mode. This makes Mobincube the most suitable platform for teaching students of different ages and skills, even for splitting the teaching experience into several lessons.

Free training for teachers

We will teach Mobincube to teachers, so that they learn how to make the most of Mobincube and they can make their students improve their skills.

Build an app for your class or your school

With our education plan teachers will be allowed to create apps for their school or for their course: lessons, homework, mentoring, etc.