Monetize your own Apps!

Monetize your own Apps!

With Mobincube, you can create apps and make money with them. These apps will contain advertisements in the form of interstitial banners, videos and sliders. Every time a user clicks on an advert, you will earn money.

Now the ads come from publicity networks that have an agreement with Mobincube. It is an automatic and clear system for apps created with Mobincube. It is responsible for searching for the best suitable advertisements with better prices and market conversions, and it will display them in the apps.

With this system the ad-network pays you all of the income generated through the advertisements in the App with the App developers.

Publish your Apps in all AppStores in order to get more downloads

Activate the option Monetize in Mobincube

Your App will start showing ads automatically

Every time people click on your ads, you'll make money